Paul McCartney: Studio albums in chronological order.


The Girl: People don’t realize, but when l show my teeth on TV… l appear before more people… than Sarah Bernhardt ever did. Something to think about.
Richard Sherman: lt certainly is.
The Girl: Wish l were old enough to have seen her. Was she magnificent?
Richard Sherman: l wouldn’t know. l’m not that old myself.
The Girl: l guess you’re not really.

Sarah Bernhardt [October 1844- March 26, 1923] was a French stage and early film actress. She developed a reputation as a serious dramatic actress, and gained the nickname “The Divine Sarah.”  


John & Yoko, 1971, by Barrie Wentzell


John & Yoko, 1971, by Barrie Wentzell

H a p p y  B i r t h d a yFlorence Leontine Mary Welch! ~ August 28th, 1986

"It just blew my fuckin’ head off. It wasn’t just the use of the expletive, it was the way Axl said it. It was so venomous. It was so fucking real and so fucking angry."
- Lars Ulrich about It’s So Easy


Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

Jessica Lange wins Miniseries or Movie Lead Actress Emmy”